Google is now allowing business owners to purchase a “Google Tag” for their map listing. This tag helps make your map listing stand out on the page. Below is an example of a Google Tag listing and how it appears in the search results:

Plumber Map Optimization -  Google Tag

The cost for this tag is just $25 per month. As far as I am concerned, that is a small price to pay to differentiate your listing. You have the option to promote a specific feature of your place listing with this tag:

  • Photos of your business.
  • Videos of your business.
  • Coupons for your listing.
  • Schedule service page for your business.
  • Posts for your business.

Some of the benefits of a Tag listing are:

  • Easily and inexpensively highlight your listing on Google from Google Places.
  • Potential customers in your local area will see what is most important or unique about your business.
  • Track the effectiveness of your tag with your Google Places dashboard.
  • You will be charged a low $25 flat monthly fee, with no bids and no keywords required.
  • There is no additional work or ongoing management needed.

To add a Tag to your listing, you just need to log into your Google Places account and click “add a tag”.

If you are looking to obtain page ONE placement on Google, Yahoo and Bing for the HVAC related keywords in your city, we can help.

Watch the videos below. It will be well worth your time.