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Google Map Optimization for HVAC Repair

Now that you have claimed your local business listing on Google, Yahoo and Bing (click here if you haven’t), you need to take additional steps to improve your placement on the maps in your area.

  • Establish a Consistent N.A.P. – You need to establish a consistent N.A.P. profile (name, address and phone number) across the web, on your website, and on the major data providers (InfoUSA, Super Pages, Yelp, City Search, etc.).
  • Consistent Name – Pick the format for your name & stick with it. E.G. “Smith AC Repair” not “Fix your AC”.
  • Consistent Address – If your address is 1267 SW 29 St, Suite 10 then you want to be sure that it reads that exact way on all listings, and not 1267 SW 29 St #10.
  • Consistent Phone Number – You want to use the same number on each of these sites (if you don’t, it will hurt you).
  • Use a LOCAL phone number, not a toll-free number
  • Some of the data provider listings that you want to be sure that you include:
    • InfoUsa
    • Yelp
    • City Search
    • Super Pages
    • Insider Pages
  • Get Reviews – Reviews are a key determinant of placement within the Map listings.
  • The number of reviews of your local listing is a key determinant in placement.
  • As a practice, you need to request reviews from your customers on a regular basis in order to get them. A strategy that we use takes a three pronged approach:
  • Send an initial email to your client database asking them to write a review of your company on Google, and provide them with the URL to your Google Places page.
  • Keep an open ear for happy customers and ask them if they would be willing to write a review. If so, get their email address at that moment and let them know that you will be sending them an email with the link to write the review.
  • Have a “Review Us” card printed and give it to your customers after each service.
  • Build out your Places page – You have the option to upload photos, videos and coupons.
  • Fill your Places page with quality content. Add all ten photos with pictures of the office, the staff, your logo, coupons/special offers, your trucks and equipment, etc.
  • Upload a video or two. These videos don’t necessarily need to be high-definition or professionally produced. Break out your digital video camera or even your smart phone and take a few choice shots. Record yourself (the owner or manager) explaining who the company is, what you do, and what your unique selling proposition is.
  • Select the right categories – You have the option of choosing up to five categories. It is very important to select the appropriate categories and/or add new custom categories as needed.
  • Increase your citations – All things being equal, citations are also a key determinant of placement. Just like in search engine optimization where inbound links determine placement with local listings, citations determine placement. He who has the most quality citations wins.
  • Citations or listings across the web that contain your N.A.P. profile (name, address and phone number) with or without a link.
  • In order to build up your citations:
  • Add yourself to the local directory sites where you are not currently listed.
    • InfoUsa
    • Yelp
    • City Search
    • Super Pages
    • Insider Pages
    • Search for “Your Industry, Directory”
    • Search “Your City, Directory”
  • Look at the listings of the companies who hold spots A, B and C on the Map for your services, and look at their citations. In many cases, you can go out and get those same citations!

If you are looking to obtain page ONE placement on Google, Yahoo and Bing for the HVAC related keywords in your city, we can help.

Watch the videos below. It will be well worth your time.


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